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Video: Kate Bush – “Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe”

on January 24, 2012, 1:53pm

katebushpuppy Video: Kate Bush   Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe

Kate Bush has finished another video for her latest album, 50 Words for Snow, this time for her 11 minute opus, “Lake Tahoe”. The sprawling epic has been cut down to a terse five minutes here, where it soundtracks an eerie, foreboding clip using shadow puppets to tell a story of a dog trying to find its way home. Retitled “Eider Falls at Lake Tahoe”, Bush spoke with NPR about the video, insisting that it “exists as a self-contained piece,” and that shadow puppetry is “one of [her] favourite art forms because of its simplicity.” She added the project was, “something that [she’s] wanted to do for years and it was great fun to make.” Although she didn’t comment on the story, it’s quite obvious she’s a fan of The Puppy Who Lost His Way. Watch the clip below, then go check on your pooch – that is, if you have one.

50 Words for Snow is currently available everywhere.

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