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Video: Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s new 38-minute jam session

on January 28, 2012, 12:40pm

picture 191 e1327770924587 Video: Neil Young & Crazy Horses new 38 minute jam session

As previously reported, Neil Young and Crazy Horse have a new album or two on the way, and what’s happening at neilyoung.com adds plenty of fuel to the fire down at the ol’ rumor mill. Earlier this morning, a new video surfaced that shows in-studio playback of two Neil Young and Crazy Horse jams, “Fuckin’ Up” and the classic “Cortez The Killer”, as Neil Young fansite Thrasher’s Wheat points out.

The footage pans across analog and digital sound boards and recording equipment with amazing teases like “Neil Voc” written on tape in red marker, a screen of an empty recording studio, and needles bouncing up and down to (presumably) Crazy Horse going hard on two old jams. “Fuckin’ Up”, originally from the 1990 album Ragged Glory doesn’t include any vox, but Young comes in right on time during “Cortez The Killer” (which starts at about 19:00).

While there’s no date on the mysterious recording, judging by the sound of Young’s voice, it appears to be very recent.

Also strewn about the studio are what appear to be lyric sheets to previously unreleased songs and old folk standards like “Oh Susanna,” ”Clementine”, “This Land”, “Oh Susanna”. “Gallows Tree,” “Oh My Darling” . What else is there? Tons — audio-tech geeks and Neil-ophiles this is your day.

Head to neilyoung.com to hear these two towering jams.

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