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Video: Surfer Blood brings “Miranda” to Fallon

on January 10, 2012, 2:35am

There’s been a lot of talk lately about what the Internet has done to time: seconds feel like minutes, minutes feel like weeks, weeks feel like months, months feel like years, years feel like decades, decades feel like centuries, etc, etc. It goes on, as most things do. Last night, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, this idea unfolded and rather clairvoyantly. But, here’s some context: Jon Heder literally came out as Napoleon Dynamite, Surfer Blood followed. Now, it’s been a weighty seven-and-a-half years since Napoleon Dynamite burned through the silver screens and dorm rooms of far, far away, though it’s only been two years since Surfer Blood issued their debut LP, Astro Coast.

One’s eons away, the other’s a planet or two over. Regardless, they both feel so senescent today – and the Internet’s to blame for Surfer Blood’s mild predicament. Despite a recent EP (last year’s Tarot Classics) and an opening gig for the Pixies, the FL rockers keep floating aside. Why? We move and move and move, and without a second to spare. It’s simple. In this day and age, musicians toe the line of those in academia: “perish or publish.” You gotta keep ’em watching if you’re gonna keep on swimming, you might say. As Fallon noted, the group is currently at work on its major label debut – aka, their sophomore album. Phew.

Sadly, it’s likely Heder will remain in the dusty days of 2004, but Surfer Blood? There’s still lots of life there, as seen in their tight, efficient cut of “Miranda” last night. But, hey, you decide for yourself below, courtesy of The Audio Perv. After all, there’s always something more. Something else around the corner, right? What’s that people say? Le sigh? Exactly.

Surfer Blood’s latest effort, last year’s Tarot Classics EP, is out now via Kanine Records.

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