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Vivian Girls create “choose your own adventure” game

on January 30, 2012, 4:16pm

telephone Vivian Girls create choose your own adventure game

Vivian Girls have a severe case of retro fever. As if their sound, referencing early punk as much as it does girl group music, wasn’t indicative enough, the ladies’ condition has gotten worse: they’ve gone and made their own “choose your adventure game”. Scroll below to continue the story; click the X above to exit.

Harking back to the Choose Your Own Adventure books of yore, The Vivian Girls Text Based Adventure Fun Time Game was created by bassist Katy Goodman to practice the programming language Ruby. In the game, the reader will take on the role of tour manager for the band, charged with the crucial task of being an under-appreciated gopher. Failure to keep the show afloat will result in a game over and harsh messages like, “Get the fuck out of here. We hate you.” Download the game here; instructions are for Mac OSX, so PC users will just have to keep playing pretend with their homemade Vivian Girls Barbies.

In other news, Goodman’s side-project La Sera returns with its sophomore LP, See the Light, on March 27th via Hardly Art. Below, you can watch her new video for “Please Be My Third Eye”.