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Silver Swans – Forever

on February 06, 2012, 7:57am
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Like the fictionalized Wonder Woman characters their namesake is generated from, Silver Swans come equipped with a powerful set of pipes. Returning with Forever, the duo of Anna Yu and Jon Waters craft an electropop sound of memorable force led by Yu’s glassy soprano. Their comic book counterpart may be out for destruction, but this pair of Silver Swans is more likely to dazzle.

While Forever remains vocally sound, the mismatched instrumental ideas prevent the album from being a complete smash. It’s a case of confusion with slow-moving, ethereal numbers that allow Yu’s vocals time to breathe, segueing into after-hours electronics better suited for a thrilling drive with Ryan Gosling. Such a realm of possibilities is held together by Yu’s entrancing singing, but Forever still seems more like a collection of various singles than a cohesive effort.

When the music lends an air of mystery, we are presented with songs that one wishes could truly last forever. A curt breakup tale on “Secrets” turns surprisingly sexy with Yu’s breathy refrain presented at the foreground of guitar awash in reverb and sharp hums of synth. The equally bouncy “Karen” plays it cool with electronic drums and the delayed introduction of keys that throws back to the ’80s.

Though the moments of grandiosity are certainly memorable, their placement on Forever leaves them tucked oddly between the aforementioned pop bits. Lulled brushing begins “Arrows” before enchanting listeners into romantic strings and a soothing chorus. Before the album’s completion, a hypnotizing final moment is presented with closer “Always Something”. A track of alluring effects with wispy screams of wind and drops of drums back an ending glimpse at smoky falsetto.

Forever has its points of magic, but Silver Swans continue to present a secret identity that needs a more resolute reveal.

Essential Tracks: “Secrets” , “Karen” , and “Always Something”

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