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Wymond Miles – Earth Has Doors

on February 07, 2012, 7:57am

The San Fransisco garage rock scene is becoming increasingly weird and abundant. Case in point: Guitarist Wymond Miles, apparently not sated by the already large amount of music released by his band The Fresh & Onlys, decided it was time for some solo work. That’s not to say that his debut is interchangeable with the material of his more famous project, though. Instead, Miles’ first EP has a seriously introspective, methodically watery quality to it. Earth Has Doors has a huge scope, circling a core of uncertainty.

Based on the title of album opener “Hidden Things Are Asking You to Find Them”, the journey should be clear. There’s something of Spencer Krug’s work as Sunset Rubdown to the first half of the short-player, but a notably sedated version. His echoed whoop at around four minutes into the first track precedes a shimmering, slippery tangle of crash cymbals and plunging chords. There aren’t as many echoes of the San Fran scene here as there are of the British Columbia scene that spawned Krug and Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer.

The stormy effects, violin, and lurching acoustic guitar of “As the Orchard is With Rain” set an atmospheric tone for the second half, one that is then twisted by delayed effect swirls and the eventual rough-hewn crackling. The six-minute instrumental is a nice diversion, one that fits with the world of the two previous songs. This meandering, whirling scope closes the set out with a sigh. Rather than shutting the door on Earth, Miles leaves it open, a marshy ether floating away. A definite mixed bag, the first half of this debut shows some serious power, while the latter merely lingers.

Essential Tracks: “Temples of Magick”, “Hidden Things Are Asking You to Find Them”

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