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Bon Iver turns down Grammys, collaborates with Alicia Keys

on February 03, 2012, 5:17pm

bon iver Bon Iver turns down Grammys, collaborates with Alicia Keys

Between tomorrow night’s performance on Saturday Night Live and their multiple Grammy nominations, it’s a big two weeks for Justin Vernon and Bon Iver. Consequently, Vernon and Co. are doing a lot of press, which has led to a lot of choice quotes regarding a number of different things.

First and foremost: Bon Iver will not be performing at the Grammys. In an interview with Billboard, Vernon said the band turned down the opportunity to play after being told they’d have to share the stage with another artist. ”And we just felt like it was such a large stage — we’re getting nominated for this record that we made. Me and Brian [Joseph] and a bunch of our fucking friends and we were given accolades for it, and all of a sudden we were being asked to play music that had nothing to do with that. We kind of said ‘fuck you’ a little bit, and they sort of acted like they wanted us to play, but I don’t think they wanted us to play.” Of course, Vernon’s past comments regarding the Grammys probably didn’t help their case.

So you won’t be seeing Bon Iver play at the Grammys, but you may soon hear a collaboration between Vernon and Alicia Keys. In a separate interview with USA Today, Vernon revealed that he has written songs with the superstar singer. What’s more, Vernon also told USA Today that he’s working on a new album with Volcano Choir “for the Japanese Market,” collaborating with The Shouting Machines, which he describes as a”sort of a blues-gospel band,” and has dreams of doing an American Songbook with female singers like Keys, Bonnie Raitt, and White Hinderland’s Casey Dienel.

As for a new Bon Iver album, Vernon said it’s probably several years away. ”I don’t have songs written yet… I’m guessing three years. But it could be five. It could be only one more. It just depends when the songs come about. I sort of have to wait till they reveal themselves.”

In the meantime, Vernon and co. will showcase two tracks off their sophomore album, ”Beth/Rest” and “Holocene”, on SNL, according to to SPIN.com, We’ll have video of it shortly thereafter.

Below, you can watch a commercial for the Grammys featuring Bon Iver and the song “Holocene”.

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