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Carina Round collaborates with Billy Corgan, Brian Eno on album

on February 20, 2012, 10:14am

round Carina Round collaborates with Billy Corgan, Brian Eno on album

Despite her decade-long career as a solo artist, part-time Puscifer singer Carina Round isn’t exactly a household name. Yet on her upcoming LP, Tigermending, the Los Angeles by-way-of England native managed to snag some pretty big names to lend their talents to the album, including Brian Eno, Billy Corgan, and Dave Stweart (Eurythmics). Both Eno and Stewart will appear on a track entitled ”The Secret of Drowning,” while Corgan guests on “Got To Go – The L.A Song – 2000 Years BC Mix” (I wonder if he came up with that title).

Recorded last year in L.A., Round claims that being able to make music in her new hometown “allowed me the profound opportunity to develop a loving and supportive community of brilliant musicians, artists, photographers, videographers and other collaborators.” She also describes Tigermending as being filled with ”guitar ragers, acoustic beauties, electronic epics, a little prog moment and all the good stuff in between with a strong backbone running through the whole record.”

Below you can check out the video for “The Last Time,” which Round released last year.

Tigermending is out on May 1st via Dehisce Records.

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