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Check Out: Future Unlimited – “Golden” (CoS Premiere)

on February 03, 2012, 5:18pm

future unlimited 2012 1024x682 Check Out: Future Unlimited   Golden (CoS Premiere)

There’s the synth-pop of late that dips its feet into the 80’s and then there’s Future Unlimited who is all-80’s-everything. “It’s our inspiration — we live it” says David Miller who together with Samuel D’Amelio recorded their precocious debut single,”Golden” in 2011.

The pair found common ground in Nashville, TN when comparing their love of new-wave, no-wave, and post-rock from three decades prior. The duo steep themselves from crown to kicks in nothing but lush, neon synths in this track, and when Miller croons on the chorus “You think you’re golden now/but everyone can see your face” the seamy underbelly of decadent synth pop starts to crack in all the best ways. Check out “Golden” below.

Future Unlimited is set to release their debut EP Cloak & Dagger sometime this Spring via their Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.

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