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Check Out: Sleepy Sun – “Stivey Pond” (CoS Premiere)

on February 24, 2012, 6:57pm

sleepy sun spine hits Check Out: Sleepy Sun – “Stivey Pond” (CoS Premiere)

San Francisco five-piece Sleepy Sun specialize in crafting slow, churning psych-rock burners, as exhibited by their last LP, FeverAs previously reported, the group recently flew out to the California deserts with producer Dave Catching (formerly of Queens of Stone Age/Eagles of Death Metal) to record their forthcoming full-length, entitled Spine Hits. Our first listen is album opener “Stivey Pond”, which finds the group returning to their signature darkened, minor-key aesthetic.

The track chugs along behind singer Bret Constantino’s road-weary howl, creating an ominous and vaguely sinister atmosphere. However, the dark clouds are eventually broken by a spacey bridge lifted straight out of the Pink Floyd handbook. The result is something that would sound perfectly at home on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack or in the car as you road trip to Haight Asbury. Check it out below. 

Sleepy Sun – “Stivey Pond

Spine Hits is due out April 10th via The End Records.

Spine Hits Tracklist:
01. Stivey Pond
02. She Rex
03. Siouxsie Blaqq
04. Creature
05. Boat Trip
06. V.O.G.
07. Martyr’s Mantra
08. Still Breathing
09. Yellow End
10. Deep War
11. Lioness (Requiem)

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