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Video: Jimmy Fallon channels Eddie Vedder, performs “Jeremy (Lin)”

on February 24, 2012, 1:30am

vedder1 Video: Jimmy Fallon channels Eddie Vedder, performs Jeremy (Lin)

While Jeremy Lin didn’t have a great night against the seemingly unstoppable Miami Heat (102, 88 – ouch), he was forever immortalized by Eddie Vedder via Jimmy Fallon in a parody of “Jeremy”, aptly re-titled “Jeremy (Lin)”. Similar to his past outings as Springsteen, Neil Young, or, um, Tebowie, the late-night host stuck close to character, visually and vocally, and added another dynamite impression to Late Night‘s evolving archives. They didn’t phone in the production at all; in fact, they even emulated the camera work that captured Vedder in the classic controversial video. Check it out below.

Between Portlandia‘s Eddie Vedder tattoo and now this, Pearl Jam’s celebrated frontman is on a roll.

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