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TacocaT – Take Me to Your Dealer EP

on March 13, 2012, 7:57am

It’s hard to say no to a taco. After all, they’re delicious and come in so many different varieties. Cats are simply great, and we all owe them an eternal debt from all those lolcat pictures. Combine the two and you get either the unfortunate portmanteau tacat or the more delightful palindrome tacocat. Seattle’s TacocaT is a pop-punk quartet that’s just as fun as their name implies.

For the benefit of anyone new to the world of TacocaT, the band is a playful, light-hearted one. Their 2009 full-length Shame Spiral sported songs about chuckle-inducing topics such as Kevin Costner’s career-sinking flop Waterworld and the phenomenon that is the muffin top. TacocaT has lost none of their humor nor any of their merriment on their latest EP Take Me to Your Dealer. Opener “Cat Fancy” is a tribute to the feline-centric magazine of the same name drenched in sarcasm. As far as tongue-in-cheek ditties on first world avoidance of world issues go, it’s quite irresistible.

Like “Cat Fancy” before it, the dodgy public transportation anthem “F.U.#8” pairs vintage girl group harmonies with power pop in a decidedly upbeat manner. Also, like “Cat Fancy” and “F.U. #8” before it, “Spring Break-Up” is another two minute punk-pop nugget of pure fun. Closer “Volcano” takes the established TacocaT formula and perfects it, resulting in a one-of-a-kind ode of love to a $500 vaporizer and its special kind of high when used with marijuana. No wonder TacocaT has been nominated for a Doobie Award by High Times Magazine. With Take Me to Your Leader’s four tracks clocking in at just eight and a half minutes, it’s hard to say no to checking out the always upbeat, zany world of TacocaT.

Essential Tracks: “Cat Fancy”

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