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Yukon Blonde – Tiger Talk

on March 20, 2012, 7:59am

Nothing proves the adage that what’s old is new again quite like indie rock. Conversely, whatever is new or reborn will quickly become old again. Everything seemingly gets a revival before it gets overdone or loses its novelty, with another widespread resurgence guaranteed sometime in the future. In 2010, Vancouver-based quartet Yukon Blonde made their full-length debut with a self-titled album that undeniably evoked 70’s radio rock, especially of the folk and American varieties. Such stylistic descriptions are becoming more and more familiar nowadays, especially from artists based in the Pacific Northwest.

Compared to their self-titled debut, Tiger Talk is faster and more expansive. Lead single “Stairway” commands attention as it unleashes its hooks with a frenzy that exudes a road-weary homesickness, a sound that can only come from a seemingly nonstop year and a half of touring. Tracks like “Six Dead Tigers” and “Radio” reveal an energy that’s more punk than folk, both commanding the head to nod along. Forget the folk; what we have here is harmonized rock with considerable punch.

The harmonies of Yukon Blonde just might be their strongest asset on Tiger Talk, with “Oregon Shores” soaring valiantly above the sea of indie outfits with like-minded sounds. Blending harmonies, power pop, and jangle, “My Girl” exemplifies everything strong about Yukon Blonde as it gives nods to the past while racing towards the future with a highly infectious exuberance. On Tiger Talk, Yukon Blonde goes beyond paying homage to yesteryear, interpreting the past as less of a sound and more of a feeling, all with an enthusiasm that cannot be ignored.

Essential Tracks: “Stairway”, “Oregon Shores”

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