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Nicolas Jaar founds Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, releases ‘Prism’ music box

on March 21, 2012, 9:45am

nicolasjaarfeat2012 Nicolas Jaar founds Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, releases Prism music box

Photo by Harley Brown

Famed American-Chilean electronic musician Nicolas Jaar has formed an “all-purpose music oriented company” called Clown & Sunset Aesthetic and plans to issue its first product come May. It’s referred to as The Prism, and according to the company website, it’s a cube that contains the auteur’s music (amongst others) and features two headphone jacks with the intention of offering a twist on the shared listening experience. What’s more, a beam of light will emit from the jack not being used. If this all sounds creepy to you, then good, you’re wise on your horror movie history and fully aware of the horrific capabilities of palm-sized boxes. Keyword: Cenobite.

For those intrigued, the product ships May 1st and will cost you $40. Watch a brief teaser video below.

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