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Peter Hook and New Order likely headed to court

on March 06, 2012, 5:08pm

peter hook dj set Peter Hook and New Order likely headed to court

The drama and madness continues for New Order. As NME reports, former bassist Peter Hook is likely to take his ex-bandmates to court after they tried to trademark the band’s name without him. As Hook explained to NME:

I’m not against them playing [under the name New Order], but what I’m rallying against is the business dealings they’ve done to secure the New Order trademark, which is oppression of a minority, which is illegal. They’ve taken the New Order name and the trademark and basically thrown me 50p and said ‘That’s all you’re worth twatface. That’s what you get for playing Joy Division music’.”

Hook also claimed that his replacement (and former bandmate) Tom Chapman is “miming” his basslines on-stage, using his own intellectual property. Naturally, there’s always two sides of a story, and in this case, Bernard Sumner and Co. have spoken up, as well:

On the chorus of ‘Round & Round’ there is a low bass part, a high bass part and Tom sings backing vocals. It’s more than one person can manage so Tom recorded his high bass part and it’s replayed as part of the backing track sequence. We strongly refute the allegation that New Order are using any of Mr Hook’s bass playing in our live performance. When Mr Hook was part of New Order he tracked his parts that couldn’t be played live because they coincided with other parts. We are simply doing the same with our new bass player.”

They also added a nice little slam about Hook’s recent DJ stints, adding, “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones or their recent fake DJing YouTube hit might need to be recalled. Keep watching.” That won’t aggravate anyone at all, right?

Stay tuned as this story develops or doesn’t. In the meantime, re-listen to the all-too-fitting track, “Guilty Partner”, below.

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