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oOoOO – Our Loving Is Hurting Us EP

on April 20, 2012, 7:59am
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When reading the name “oOoOO” phonetically, it obviously sounds ghostly. Something wicked this way comes with Our Loving Is Hurting Us, then. oOoOO, apparently pronounced as a not-drawn-out “oh”, is the moniker of San Franciscan producer Christopher Dexter Greenspan, whose brand of DIY electronic pop is more associated with witch-house than chillwave. As oOoOO, Greenspan draws from pop and hip-hop influences and twists them into something spooky, and his second EP, Our Loving Is Hurting Us, furthers the dark voyage.

Offering a crash course in what made made oOoOO’s self-titled EP so irresistibly haunting are “Break Yr Heart” and “TryTry”. On Our Loving Is Hurting Us opener “TryTry”, a leaden beat clatters along a forest of echoed synths and otherworldly yelps that start and stop in a most disharmonious fashion, while the vocoded, childlike vocals of “Break Yr Heart” lure the listener through an inescapable pool of ectoplasm churned by gothed-out synths. On “Springs”, Greenspan shifts gears toward newer territories. Here it’s more Grimes meets Air than witch-house, as spaced-out synths, old school percussion gone inverse, and a gurgling bassline are turned alluring by the ethereal coos of Laura Butterclock.

Just when the nether world of oOoOO threatens to become familiar, Greenspan keeps the mystery going on “Starr”. Relishing in his dabbling with magics disparate, oOoOO conjures vocal loops of both the demonic and the Top 40 sorts and then drops a guitar solo as eerie as unexpected. The apparition that is Butterclock returns on “NoWayBack” to bring Our Loving Is Hurting Us to a memorable close. With its otherworldy cries, spectral synths, slow-burning beat, and the kind of impeccable production that would do Burial proud, “NoWayBack” is a four-and-a-half minute summary of the best of what oOoOO has to offer.

Essential Tracks: “NoWayBack”, “Break Yr Heart”