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Check Out: Kid Cudi – “Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!”

on April 26, 2012, 1:01am

kidcudiart Check Out: Kid Cudi   Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!

In recent months, Kid Cudi’s been entertaining himself with delusions of rock stardom (an illness often referred to as the Lil Wayne Syndrome). Perhaps hoping to prove he’s still got flow, Cudi returns to straight rapping with a brand-new song called “Dennis, Hook Me Up With Some More Of That Whiskey!”

The self-produced number features samples of looped guitar mixed with another, more rumbling guitar part for an air of elegance that’s undercut by Cudi’s unmistakable anger issues. And speaking of Mr. Rager, Cudi’s verses are overflowing with that loner angst he kicked his career off with, as with lines like, “Now I don’t give a fuck about n***as worrying about my $1,000 pants/…Come to think about it, don’t have many friends”. Stream the track now at

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