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Check Out: Scarlett Johansson and Massive Attack’s 3D cover George Gershwin

on April 11, 2012, 1:57pm

days of grace soundtrack cover mini Check Out: Scarlett Johansson and Massive Attacks 3D cover George Gershwin

Once an unnerving prospect, Scarlett Johannson has been making music since the mid-2000s, recording with Pete Yorn and guesting on various albums/compilations. As Pitchfork points out, Johansson’s latest musical endeavor is a reworking of her 2006 cover of George Gershwin’s “Summertime”. This new version, produced by Massive Attack’s 3D and DFA’s Tim Goldsworthy, sees Johansson’s sultry whisper piled onto the ever-building sounds of heavy, chugging bass and varied effects. Enjoy the vixen-y performance while you can, as most of the track finds Johansson’s vocals overwhelmed by a surge of jungle-ready post-production techniques. Stream it below.

The track is a part of the soundtrack to director Everardo Valerio Gout’s upcoming Spanish-language thriller Days Of Grace. Other collaborations on the OST included Nick Cave with Warren Ellis and Atticus Ross with Shigeru Umebayashi (the full tracklist is listed below). The soundtrack is in stores May 8th via Lakeshore Records, while Days Of Grace hits theaters later that month.

Days Of Grace Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. The Shack – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
02. Mundial de Futbol/Vivir en México (Victim X dialogue) – Carlos Bardem
03. Wrong Bust – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
04. Hiena (Lupe’s dialogue) – Tenoch Huerta
05. Butcher’s Hook/Porcinos Mexicanos – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
06. Días de Gracia (Comandante’s dialogue) – José Sefami
07. Here’s a Little Jolt for You – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
08. Criminal Traicionado (Madrina’s dialogue) – Verónica Falcón
09. Bronco – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
10. Burning the Shack – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
11. The Whack (Entering Kitchen) – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
12. Siempre hay alguien (Comandante’s dialogue) – José Sefami
13. Destiny – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
14. Days of Grace – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
15. Buenos dias muchachito/Pecados (Teacher’s dialogue) – Tenoch Huerta
16. Broken Time – Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
17. Kidnap – Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
18. Drugs – Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
19. Fear – Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
20. Revelations – Atticus Ross, Claudia Sarne & Leopold Ross
21. Hazla buena (Victim X dialogue) – Carlos Bardem
22. Quiero la verdad (Susana’s dialogue) – Dolores Heredia
23. Sumado: The Echoes between Stories – Shigeru Umebayashi
24. Susana’s Cello – Shigeru Umebayashi
25. Talking on the Water – Shigeru Umebayashi
26. Max’s Brother and Susana’s Daughter – Shigeru Umebayashi
27. One Way or Another – Shigeru Umebayashi
28. Her Emotions of Silent Thought – Shigeru Umebayashi
29. Not Knowing How Things Will End – Shigeru Umebayashi
30. Susana and Camila – Shigeru Umebayashi
31. Sumado: Cast the Shell – Shigeru Umebayashi
32. Song for Tula – Shigeru Umebayashi
33. Como dije (Victim X dialogue) – Carlos Bardem
34. Assault For La Coca – Bot’Ox
35. The Meat Song – Bot’Ox
36. Permanent Shade – Tim Goldsworthy, Euan Dickinson & Billy Fuller
37. Summertime – Scarlett Johansson vs. 3D
38. Vivir en México (Doroteo’s dialogue) – Kristyan Ferrer
39. Kantele – Shigeru Umebayashi