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Eternal Summers announce sophomore album: Correct Behavior

on April 26, 2012, 11:10am

eternalsummers correctbehaviorreal Eternal Summers announce sophomore album: Correct Behavior

Virginia chill-pop trio Eternal Summers will release their sophomore LP, Correct Behavior, on July 24th via Kanine Records. And though no songs have been released, the story behind the album’s creation is just as rewarding and informative as any tune could be.

Recently, founding duo Nicole Yun and Daniel Cundiff found themselves down one Parker Nitefly guitar mid-tour, leaving them without a means to reach that low-edge range they so adore. Opting not to further run up their credit, the pair instead decided to add a bassist in frequent collaborator Jonathan Woods. A newly-minted three-piece, the band finally set to work on recording.

Following a two-week, 17-song recording session at the hometown Magic Twig Studio,  the band expanded their creative process even further, tapping Sune Rose Wagner (the Raveonettes) and Alonzo Vargas to mix the final 10-track effort in NYC. “I was in Korea when I got the bulk of the songs so I was literally in a different world when I heard their take on our songs,” Yun said in a press release. “It was mind blowing!”

As a result of all these shifts in the band’s dynamic, this latest effort is far more diverse than their 2010 debut, Silver, or subsequent EPs and 7″. Primarily, the record sees the band transcend their comfort zones (“jangly post-punk stompers and languid dream pop ballads”), infusing influences from Black Sabbath to the Sundays for “bright, fresh” cuts that bridge any “gaps that might arise from what they once lovingly called dream-punk”. Despite the changes, the album still makes room for the band’s trademark “brevity, their teen-angst lyrics, their hooks, their power and volume, and their sometimes tongue-in-cheekness.”

Stay tuned for the debut of the first album track. In the meantime, peep the full tracklist below, followed by the music video for the Silver standout “Pogo”.

Correct Behavior Tracklist:
01. Millions
02. Wonder
03. You Kill
04. I Love You
05. It’s Easy
06. Girls in the City
07. Heaven and Hell
08. Good As You
09. Disappear
10. Summerset

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