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James Murphy speaks at Yale, DJs at Boiler Room

on April 11, 2012, 12:32pm

lcd8 James Murphy speaks at Yale, DJs at Boiler Room

Photo by Meghan Bronson

Sans LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy has turned his attention toward a new set of duties, most notably urban aural planning and chilled-out house DJ sets. As Gothamist points out, Murphy and Talking Heads chieftain David Byrne  recently took part in Yale’s “Art and Music”, where they discussed, among other things, a plan to offset New York City’s noisy turnstiles. In pure Murphy fashion, the solution could get peeps dancing right up to the train:

All the subway turnstiles in New York City…make a beep. It’s a really unpleasant sound and the one that’s right next to it is slightly out of key with it. So, it’s like ‘ehhh….aehhh…uehhh’ Unless you get it wrong and it’s like, ‘No!’ Then it’s the sound of your bruised hip as you hit the thing… So I thought, I love New York and I love its aggression, and I love that it doesn’t make it easier for you to be a member of the city…But, I wanted to change the sound of going through the turnstile to a series of notes—I could do a little program. I could be like, well, the dominant note is the root, this is the fifth, this is the third, have a couple of sevenths, throw a few sixths in there just to be crazy. And during rush hour it would make arpeggiated music. And each subway station could have its own key or tonal set. For me, for a new person going to work, I think it would just be nice. It would be hard not to like that more than ‘shut up, idiot, you’re walking so slow!’

You can listen to the complete discussion at WNYC.

The DFA founder also continued to spread the joy of booty-shaking house/disco anthems with a 50-minute set at London’s renowned Boiler Room a few weeks back. The entire set is now archived at boilerroom.tv, for any moment you may need to dance yourself clean.

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