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Record Store Day Guide 2012

on April 19, 2012, 12:01am
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lee scratch perry box Record Store Day Guide 2012

 Lee “Scratch” Perry - Blackboard Jungle Dub box set

Ane Brun

Record: Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (Vinyl reissue)

Why: The energy and the bounce in this music and in Little Richard’s voice is irresistible. I love the touch of distortion in his singing and his way of attacking every line and word. I’ll play it loud, and it will keep me on my feet for hours. Little Richard on vinyl is a necessity.

Atari Teenage Riot  (Alec Empire)

Record: Lee “Scratch” Perry – Blackboard Jungle Dub (Limited edition 3 x 10″ vinyl box)

Why: Lee Scratch Perry basically invented the way I approach the mixing desk more as an instrument than a mixing desk. His approaches to mixes and dub were so influential when I was a kid. I thought I choose this because it might not be that logical to outsiders that his influence went way, way further than the genre reggae or dub.

I shared the stage with him a few times and his aura is so strong!!! We NEED people like him who risk everything and go against the norm. Or music stands still. This album is a masterpiece. I already have it but love the feeling of getting even another pressing of it in that format. Also… this album explains why vinyl will always sound more physical and more intense than MP3’s… so guys, we had a shit decade of all that digital junk, let’s move forward and listen to vinyl. Thank you.

Avan Lava

Record: Afrika Bambaataa/MC5 – “Kick Out The Jams” (7″ white vinyl with splatter, limited to 5,000 copies)

Why: One of the founders of hip-hop covering a quintessential song by one of the founders of punk? Sign us up! Most people don’t realize how close these worlds were in the ’80s. MC battles often featured beats by The Clash and Aerosmith long before Run DMC’s cover of “Walk This Way” came out. We love how a beat can make you move regardless of what genre it is.

Bear In Heaven (Adam Wills)

Record: Captain Beefheart – “Diddy Wah Diddy” (Gatefold 7″)

Why: So. When I was 13yrs old I found a copy of Captain Beefheart’s Clearspot & Spotlight Kid on CD in the dollar bin at the mall. Not knowing who or what Captain Beefheart was, I bought the record simply for its comedic cover. Funny lookin’ Don Van Vliet in a funky tuxedo in an alley, wait til my friends see this… Well, that record changed my life. Those 20+ tracks opened my entire musical brain open and from Beefheart I began to learn about how art and music intersect. Looks like there’s a Captain Beefheart “Diddy Wah Diddy” 7″ coming out on RSD 2012. Even from beyond the grave, my money is that this is still the most inventive and challenging music around.


Record: Gene Clark – “One In A Hundred” / “She’s The Kind Of Girl” (7″ vinyl, limited to 2,360 copies)

Why: Gene is our guy. His record “No Other” has been a staple in the van since the very earliest days of our band. Believe this release has only been available in Holland for a long while, and it’s from that strange period when Gene replaced Gram Parsons in the Flying Burrito Bros, so the Burritos are backing him here. Gene Clark is just a really rare one, not the kind of songwriter you come across very often — he always brings a lot to the table.

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