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Video: Kool A.D. – “La Piñata”

on April 26, 2012, 2:01pm

120425 kool ad Video: Kool A.D.   La Piñata

Traditionally, piñatas are filled with candy and hung at kiddie birthday parties to be hit with bats. Das Racist’s Kool A.D., on the other hand, fills his with endless rolls of cash-money for a R-rated party. In the confines of a seedy hotel room, complete with “female companion”, A.D. and his running buddies (oh, hey, it’s Heems!) drink beer and use money they’ve torn from the piñata’s neon-colored flesh to gamble on some unseen variation of a cock fight. CoS’s fifth birthday is this September, so anyone who wants to get us a gift should totally think rap piñata. Watch the video for “La Piñata” below (via

A.D.’s latest mixtape, 51, is out now and you download your copy at Bandcamp.

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