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Check Out: Princeton – “Grand Rapids” (RAC Remix) (CoS Premiere)

on May 24, 2012, 2:39pm

 Check Out: Princeton   Grand Rapids (RAC Remix) (CoS Premiere)

L.A.’s Princeton (take a sec to wrap your head around that geographical conundrum) occupy a pleasant space between indie pop and synth rock with their latest long-play, Remembrance of Things to Come. Backed by orchestral septet Los Angeles New Music Ensemble, the album paints shiny edges around already shimmering pop sounds. With subdued synths and energetic rhythms, it’s the kind of musical styling that’s a prime template for electrified remixes.

Ah, the remix. Drop in a new beat, buzz and zap some synths, cut and warp the vocals, and voilà, you’ve got yourself a dance party. But who ever said that’s how things have to be? Remix Artist Collective (or RAC) is an international team that eschews the typical ideas tethered to remixes, and what they’ve done to Princeton’s “Grand Rapids” is a prime example of their modus operandi. Instead of adding to the synths, RAC strips them away, and same goes for the frantic drumming. The whole thing is slowed down, leaving a track that feels more like an acoustic rendition than a remix. It’s definitely a unique approach, and you can hear how effective it is below.

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