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Check Out: Unreleased Foo Fighters Million Dollar Demo tracks

on May 09, 2012, 4:50pm

fooonebyone Check Out: Unreleased Foo Fighters Million Dollar Demo tracks

There was a lot of drama behind Foo Fighters’ fourth studio LP, One by One. Prior to its release in 2002, the band experienced plenty of behind-the-scenes turmoil whilst recording, and at one point they almost broke up. The album would go on to be recorded twice, with the original recordings – dubbed the Million Dollar Demo – scrapped and locked away. Now, as Grunge Report points out, rough recordings from the discarded release have popped online, including two full tracks “Have It All” and “Come Back”. For a peek into the album-that-was-but-here’s-a-different-recording-of-it, check out the tracks below.

“Have It All”:

“Come Back”: