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Spotify Playlist: Cornershop

on May 15, 2012, 1:26pm

 Spotify Playlist: Cornershop

Over the past few years, Cornershop have been working under their own UK-based label Ample Play, whose excerpt explains that they are “purveyors of independent music but not plinky plonky independent music.” On May 15th, the band returns to Ample Play to release their 7th career LP, Urban Turban: The Singhles Club. Guitarist, keyboardist, tamboura player, and founding member of Cornershop Ben Ayres put together this playlist for us, of which he said ,”If there is a theme it’s probably ‘movement’ in the political, emotional and transit sense.” Check out the liner notes below, and the listen to the playlist on Spotify.


Booker T & The MGs -  ”Hang ‘Em High”
I’m becoming convinced that ‘Hang ‘Em High’ by Booker T & The MGs is one of the best tracks ever, so that starts things off.

Felt  - “Rain of Crystal Spires”
We have a bit of prime Felt which I’ve loved for years and years (and which also features the incredible Martin Duffy on the keys).

The Shangri-Las – “Give Him A Great Big Kiss”
The Shangri Las follow with a guaranteed party starter, a lesson in a snappy, snazzy groove, how can anyone not love this track?

The Impressions – “People Get Ready” 
‘People Get Ready’ is on there as I had to include a Curtis Mayfield track, this is him with The Impressions of course. You can’t go wrong with either Curtis or The Impressions.

Tappa Zukie – “P.L.A.” 
‘M.P.L.A.’ by Tappa Zukie inspired our catalogue number lettering at Ample Play, it’s also the heaviest bassline, possibly ever.

Steppenwolf – “Magic Carpet Ride”
‘Magic Carpet Ride’ is a track we just to listen to on the jukebox up in Preston, Lancashire in the early daze, continually.

Swell Maps – “Let’s Build A Car” 
‘Let’s Build A Car’ always takes my breath away at how damn powerful it sounds, Swell Maps were the true pioneers of their time. It also always puts me in mind of the travel to the recording studio when we always listen to tracks we’re working on in the car, it’s where and how we quite literally ‘road test’ tracks, tracks like ‘Looking For A Way In’ – an early one, but good to revisit I think in these times.

Cornershop – “Looking For A Way In” 

T.Rex – “New York City” 

New York City’ by T.Rex had to finish things off, it’s a beauty of a single, from the opening lines on in, sheer genius, I don’t care what anyone says, everything Bolan did was quality, from all the early Tyrannosaurus Rex albums right through to the last albums he made, I recommend everyone seeks them all out, each and every one.

Ayres also included a note about the Cornershop b-side “Green P’s”, not found on Spotify. (You can get a taste of that funk here)

‘Green P’s’ was hidden away on the b-side to the ‘Staging The Plaguing Of The Raised Platform’ single, it shouldn’t have been, it has a life all of it’s own, constantly, it features some great gospel singer friends on vocals, one of whom is running a church in New York last we heard…

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