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Video: Cass McCombs – “Bradley Manning”

on May 01, 2012, 3:05pm

cassmcombsbradleymanning e1335897824600 Video: Cass McCombs   Bradley Manning

In support of Bradley Manning, the 24-year old soldier arrested for obtaining and distributing classified military documents to WikiLeaks, director Bradley Beesley has issued a video for Cass McCombs’ somber ode. Recently, NPR connected with Beesley over e-mail to discuss the video, and the director explained, “Cass and I spoke about a visual theme and thought that filming in Bradley Manning’s home town of Crescent, OK would create a strong context for his song. I wanted to create small town American imagery to reflect the environment I imagine Bradley Manning came from. Fortunately, I was able to shoot on Independence Day which allowed us to capture some iconic and patriotic visuals that create a mood that is somehow complimentary to the song.” Check out the clip below.

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