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Video: Florence and The Machine – “Spectrum”

on May 30, 2012, 12:12pm

florence specvid main two Video: Florence and The Machine   Spectrum

Forget what Black Swan did to make ballet entertaining. In Florence and The Machine’s new video for “Spectrum”, Ms. Welch, with a badass haircut and some choice bodysuits, commands a legion of ballet dancers decked out like little white birds and mighty Egyptian pharaohs. Everyone spins and curtsies, with the whole affair building into this extravagant, quasi-sexual number where Flo herself is nearly consumed by her followers, including a Mini-Florence that’s only slightly creepier than it sounds. Watch the video below; oh, and make sure to move your desk when you practice your pirouettes.

Florence and The Machine’s sophomore album, Ceremonials, is out now via Island/Universal Republic.

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