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Cat Power discusses new album

on June 13, 2012, 12:21pm

cat power Cat Power discusses new album

As previously reported, Cat Power will soon return with Sun, her first album in four years and the first to feature original material since 2006’s The Greatest. In a new interview with Stool Pigeon (via The Quietus), mastermind Chan Marshall discussed Sun, specifically addressing why it took so long for the album to come about.

Marshall explained that following the release of 2008’s Jukebox, she became involved in a serious long-term relationship, which ended just as the new album was being completed. “You know that thing we’re all raised to want: a beautiful life with children — that family thing that is tangible? [pauses] Before, I tended to just survive, survive, survive. Gaining a lot of… not knowledge, not life experience… but I had this opportunity of travelling around the world, meeting all these people and having these experiences that have shaped who I am now.”

She continued, “I was trying to grow my personal life in a way that I never did before. So now that relationship is over and it’s come full circle … There’s a great loss personally in my life right now, but there’s also a gift in that I’m lucky I finished this album.”

Marshall also discussed why she chose to play all the instruments on the album herself. “You have a huge responsibility with the things you’re trying to create to do your best. There’s pressure – not from critics or anything like that, but to do something that means something in your heart. And you wanna do it the way you wanna do it.”

Sun is tentatively set for release in September. Stay tuned for additional details.

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