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Lemme Get an Encore: Built to Spill

on June 19, 2012, 12:01am
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built to spill 2012 e1336398409296 Lemme Get an Encore: Built to Spill

Although their eighth studio LP isn’t due out until 2013, Built to Spill hit the road this week for a block of dates that takes them into the fall. Technically, they’ll still be supporting their 2009 effort, There Is No Enemy, but with these Boise rockers, we’re bound to hear some deep cuts. And for the band’s die-hard fans – and really, Built to Spill is the kind of band that only seems to have die-hard fans–that’s an exciting prospect.

Lately, the band’s more recent gigs have shown a healthy mix of new and old, but one can only hope Doug Martsch & Co. make room for rare treasures, especially stuff off 1997’s Perfect from Now On and 1999’s Keep It Like a Secret. In anticipation, we offer a few set list suggestions–some obscurities, overlooked gems, and even an Eno cover we discovered via YouTube that dates back to 2007.

Ten wishes, ten cuts, ten prospectives, etc.

-Lainna Fader
Staff Writer

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