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Forecastle 2012: A Beginner’s Guide by Beginners

on July 11, 2012, 12:05am
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forecastle 2012 e1337141631947 Forecastle 2012: A Beginners Guide by Beginners

It’s nice to be in a city during a festival. Showers notwithstanding, city-based festivals offer a variety of options, from food to late-night activities, all of which add character and enlighten any experience. It can also be daunting, though. If you’re not hip to the area, you might find yourself overwhelmed, or even worse, picking up grub from a nearby McDonald’s. That’s not ideal — at all.

Louisville, KY hosts Forecastle Music Festival this weekend. Consequence of Sound will be there, but most of us have never actually been to the city. So, we pooled our resources (e.g. friends, associates, um, Yelp), and collated what we consider to be a worthy guide for any beginner. After all, we’re beginners ourselves, and we’re pretty stoked about everything on here.

So, take that with a grain of salt, but thank us later if it all works out.

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