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In Photos: Trash Talk, SpaceGhostPurrp at San Francisco’s Slim’s (7/16)

on July 17, 2012, 3:13pm

circlepit1 e1342551851825 In Photos: Trash Talk, SpaceGhostPurrp at San Franciscos Slims (7/16)

“I grew up in Sacramento, but I have a lot of memories here,” Trash Talk frontman Lee Spielman told the Bay Area crowd Monday night at Slim’s. The in-state neighbors blazed through an hour long set of chaos, testing the crowd’s physical endurance in the process. That’s what makes Trash Talk one of the more interesting hardcore acts today. Their reputation precedes them, thanks to their intense circle pits, chaotic stage diving, and lightning fast songs that accent the speed of pain.

“What’d you think of SpaceGhostPurrp,” Spielman asked his fans. “You can’t always have other hardcore bands play with you. You have to open up to different things.” This is something that’s interesting about Trash Talk. At this point in their career, they could have had a number of hardcore bands open for them on this tour, but, instead, they teamed up with Florida rap outfit, SpaceGhostPurp, who managed to keep things as raw, physically painful, and interesting as any other hardcore band.

Strange enough, hardcore and rap feel more congruent with each other than ever before. SpaceGhostPurrp incited equally chaotic mosh pits and kept the crowd just as energized, just with a whole different style. What’s more, the fans loved it — hell, even Hodgy Beats was there. So, if this can be construed as a typical modern hardcore show, then it’s a good sign of the times.

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