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Stream: Family of the Year – Loma Vista (CoS Premiere)

on July 09, 2012, 12:01am

 Stream: Family of the Year   Loma Vista (CoS Premiere)

Last month, Los Angeles outfit Family of the Year unveiled the marginally NSFW video for “Diversity”. Now, they’re giving you a chance to check out the album from which that track sprung, Loma Vista, ahead of its July 10th release from Nettwerk Music Group.

Loma Vista takes its name from the street in L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood where the quartet – Joe Keefe (guitar), his brother Sebastian (drums), James Buckey (guitar), and Christina Schroeter (keyboards) – lived in a one-bedroom apartment during the album’s recording. “We were around each other pretty much 100% of the time,” Schroeter says. “We lived in our own little world for a while, and other than making music and having fun, nothing else really mattered.”

That “little world” comes through both thematically and musically on Loma Vista. Indie pop songs with slight folky undercurrents about love of life and family (well, obviously) unravel over West coast vibes and campfire harmonies. With Joe at the lead, every member contributes their own vocal abilities, creating uplifting tracks primed for beach party sing-alongs. Similar to fellow L.A. collective Grouplove but with more polished edges, Family of the Year is all about making the best out of this thing we call life, finding joy with those surrounding us in what time we’re allotted. Join in on the good vibes by streaming Loma Vista below.

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