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Video: Sonny & the Sunsets – “Pretend You Love Me” (CoS Premiere)

on July 16, 2012, 12:01am

sonny the sunsets Video: Sonny & the Sunsets   Pretend You Love Me (CoS Premiere)

For their latest release, June’s Longtime Companion, San Fransisco-based genre swappers Sonny & the Sunsets tred into country territory. It’s a fitting musical landscape for frontman Sonny Smith’s brokenhearted narrator, who pines for lost lovers and a firmer sense of self. All of those elements are present in the standout track “Pretend You Love Me”, even if they aren’t directly there in the video.

The collection of images shot by Smith himself and director/editor Ryan Browne don’t seem to directly tell a story. You’ve got the band playing hacky sack, local San Fran street art, a kid in his PJs practicing karate, and a brief shot of what is either Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth or a damn fine look-a-like. There is, of course, the man in the Hulk-as-luchador mask, who seems generally lost and unsure in the world. All in all, it’s a series of seemingly disparate images that when tied together by the opening shot of the dual-spool mixer and retro filtering are a right match for the song’s sense of sadness veiling reserved optimism. Watch it below.