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Future Twin – Situation EP

on August 07, 2012, 7:57am
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Take a glimpse of a photo of five-piece, San-Fran-based Future Twin and listen to the surf-inspired chords of the first song on their latest EP, and you’ll know this band is from California. Promo photos of the group look straight out of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as they perch on mopeds (appropriate: this gang met through a couple of different moped gangs) in a sunny, graffiti-clad Bay Area alley. With bands such as Best Coast, Wavves, and Real Estate currently sun-staining the indie map, this group, who describes its music as “psychedelic grandma rock”, has a growing genre to slip right into.

Frontgal Jean Yaste, who rocks a red head of hair and a trucker hat on most days, croons like Grace Slick on slower tracks like “Yuka” – which sounds like it could be an updated Jefferson Airplane number cum lo-fi fuzz and “Situation”, which, like the rest of the album, recalls the Pulp Fiction theme “Surf Rider” when the chorus chords hit. The band compares most to Best Coast on “<3”, where Yaste sings, “You know I dream about you all the time” with a sense of longing only Bethany Cosentino can usually convince us of, and the quick, punk tempo of the song is on par with the sounds of The Only Place.

It’s also impossible to not compare Yaste to Karen O when she howls “Heads will roll” on album opener “Get Up or Get Out”, but Future Twin’s time with the phrase is grittier, more subdued, and reminiscent of another time. The deluxe edition of this five-song EP tacks on three tracks from the Resist 7″, which echoes even louder of early ‘70s-era lady-fronted rock. “Landslide” brings out the band’s best, as the punk speed slows down, unraveling into a build that allows Yaste some Janis-like wailing on the chorus.

While Situation shows promise for an only two year old band, the small batch of songs warrants questions as to what will come from a full-length. It will also be interesting to see what higher quality production might do for this band in the future, as the haze left over the songs is kind of what makes their charm.

Essential Tracks: “Situation”, “Landslide”

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