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Buy the banjo from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

on August 21, 2012, 5:00pm

 Buy the banjo from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

If you’ve ever wanted to own a creepy-yet-historically-relevant banjo with an elephant on it AND help out an indie musician, then your weirdo dream is about to come true. Musician Julian Koster  is selling the banjo he used on Neutral Milk Hotel’s iconic In the Aeroplane Over the Sea for a cool $3,000. If you did buy it, all you’d need is a sweet bowl cut and you’d have the best Halloween costume ever.

The sale is part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund The Music Tapes’ upcoming fall touring extravaganza “The Traveling Imaginary” (in support of the group’s new LP, Mary’s Voice, in stores September 4th via Merge). According to the Koster, the outing is one of the group’s most involved to date, with the campaign helping to purchase a tent, trailer, sound system, motor vehicle repairs, various “amusements and contraptions”, and loads of LSD. Just kidding; they don’t actually need a trailer.

‘The Traveling Imaginary’ is an invitation into The Music Tapes’ world. We will tour the United States in a circus tent, transforming spaces into cozy, dreamlike environments for evenings’ worth of music, games, stories, films, and amusements. ‘The Traveling Imaginary’ is a long-dreamt-of undertaking on a grander scale than anything we have ever done. You, the audience member, will be an honored guest in The Music Tapes’ world – the one in which Julian has lived and recorded in for years.

Currently, the campaign has 31 backers pledging $2,906 of the $5,000 goal, with the pledge ending Sepember 11th. Other prizes include signed posters, signed copies of the Mary’s Voice pop-up LP, vinyl test pressings, and dinner with The Music Tapes, which would apparently involve consuming a killer-looking tossed salad. For more on the campaign, watch the announcement video below.

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