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17 songs that influenced Animal Collective’s Centipede Hz

on August 21, 2012, 11:00am
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Schizo – “Schizo & The Little Girl”

schizo and the little girl 17 songs that influenced Animal Collectives Centipede Hz

What: Schizo was a short-lived French pysch rock act from the ’70s who released only a couple 7″s on their own record label, SFP (Société Française de Productions Phonographiques) before gutiarist Richard Pinhas formed the slightly more notable electronic rock band Heldon. It’s like Lemmy-era Hawkwind — so it’s awesome.

Can Be Heard On: Most of that deep, distorted synth on the album takes some cues from that guitar sound, like in the beginning of “Moonjock”, or on “Applesauce”.

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