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Video: Band of Horses – “Knock Knock”

on August 24, 2012, 4:58pm

boh knockvid main Video: Band of Horses   Knock Knock

Band of Horses are the focus of their very own nature documentary in the music video for “Knock Knock”. Shot in the style of all great ’70s nature docs, sadly without the soothing tones of Richard Attenborough, the band’s wild and rocking ways are tracked and recorded in a number of environments, from the blistering Arctic to the sprawling plains, by an elite team of researchers (word is they also documented the migration of the Allman Brothers Band). Perhaps these particular rock and roll animals may not be as deadly as the cheetah, but frontman Ben Bridwell’s proven he sure can run like one. Watch it below (via NPR’s First Listen).

The band’s fourth studio album, Mirage Rock, hits stores on September 18th via Columbia Records.

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