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Video: Sleigh Bells – “End of The Line”

on August 27, 2012, 11:44am

sleighbells endline main Video: Sleigh Bells   End of The Line

While you wouldn’t normally associate BMX bikes with sadness, Sleigh Bells somehow illicit just such a connection in the music video for “End of The Line”. In the overly melancholy clip, guitarist Derek Miller powers through local streets and mountain roads on his trusty checkered bike, while vocalist Alexis Krauss writhes around the Great Outdoors in her unflattering pajama suit. Is he racing to find his lost love, broken-hearted and alone in the wilderness of misery, his BMX bike in place of a noble steed? Or, is he merely escaping the crazy broad in the mud-caked sleep gown? Decide for yourself when you watch below.

The band’s sophomore album, the CoS Top Star-earning Reign of Terror, is out now via Mom+Pop.

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