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Video: The Fresh & Onlys – “Presence of Mind”

on August 30, 2012, 1:00pm

fresh onlys presence main Video: The Fresh & Onlys   Presence of Mind

San Francisco garage rockers The Fresh & Onlys’ want you to take a trip on a not-so-magic bus in the music video for “Presence of Mind”. Rather than venturing inside the small intestine or to Sheboygan, this clunker travels through time to the day before (why not to the ’40s to assassinate Hitler?!) And with a strange bus comes strange passengers, like the overly loving pet owners, the vampire with a stomach ache (who’s also supposedly a “Ryan Gosling stand-in”), or the four real-life astrophysicists, including Dr. Larry Price of Caltech and Dr. Mike Wong of the Mars Rover Curiosity project. Punch your ticket when you click play below.

The band’s latest album, Long Slow Dance, hits stores on September 4th via Mexican Summer (stream it now here).