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AbdeCaf – Rebuild EP

on September 28, 2012, 8:00am

The Rebuild EP flourishes from aspects of AbdeCaf (nee Steve Vaynshtok) that were absent from the burgeoning Miami-based producer during the composition of debut EP, Unravel: tranquility, confidence, and moments of triumph on both the personal and professional level. Steadily produced over an eight-month period, this transition hasn’t been seamless; the EP’s eight tracks capturing the producer in metamorphosis, from an era of dimly-lit bedroom productions into one of fanfare and artistic cooperation.

As AbdeCaf continues to transfix listeners with his hushed synth riffs, he has reached out to fellow underground downtempo producers to build momentum for the broader scene. Kansas City’s Soft Lighting adds his whispers to the chilled waves of “Never Know”, the subtle sensuality of “Darkness” features Miami hip-hop producer The Pryvmids, and South Carolina’s Koda adds a digital grace to “You Are A Pioneer” that pushes AbdeCaf’s keyboard stokes into the celestial realm of uplifting trance, thus further diversifying AbdeCaf’s catalog of manicured beats. The previously released “Old Flame” is the lone song to feature a recognizable sample (i.e. Drake and The Weeknd’s “Crew Love”), and while AbdeCaf may soon have the appeal to reach out and feature such artists on upcoming releases, he would be wise to further hone his identity to truly collaborate with the artists — just not lend a 16-bar beat.

The title track, along with album closer “Regret”, both point to the AbdeCaf’s continued development. In contrast with “Themes To My Grief”, which grows from a somber march into high-pitched notes of joy and triumph, each of the last two tracks are dominated by the top-end to a distracting degree. A shift in the mix reveals a tight mix of intertwining mid-level notes, but left alone they are hard to identify below ear-piercing keyboard runs.

Less than a year into this new endeavor, Vaynshtok has landed with a steady stream of releases and collaborations; however, as the young producer continues to define his aesthetic he must remember that quality assurance outweighs vast amounts of quantity.

Essential Tracks: “Old Flame”, “You Are A Pioneer” (ft. Koda)

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