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The Hood Internet – FEAT

on September 19, 2012, 7:57am

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are to cooking meth as ABX and STV SLV are to concocting mashups. Breaking Bad’s Walter White didn’t expect his blue meth empire to reach such great heights as– well, if you know, you know, and if you don’t, Netflix awaits– and The Hood Internet didn’t think they’d ever create over 500 mixes that would be downloaded millions of times. While Walter’s a literal chemist, mixing elements to create an addictively pure drug lusted after by methheads and kingpins alike, ABX and STV SLV are chemists of a different variety; they’ve made a career out of reimagining some of the best that indie, pop, and hip-hop have to offer for both music snobs and radio lovers to enjoy.

But FEAT tackles a whole new beast for these Chicago-based music mixologists in the form of a collection of ten sample-free originals featuring the likes of A.C. Newman, Cadence Weapon, The Rosebuds, and the Chain Gang of 1974. The duo’s mixtapes of mashups were without a doubt a party: Radiohead, Juvenille, Fleetwood Mac, T-Pain, Daft Punk, Whitney Houston … there was quite literally something for everyone. If that party took place at a well known club or venue, FEAT is a little more underground, a little more obscure, but it’s still just as fun.

The New Pornographer’s A.C. Newman glides over beats as seamlessly as he normally does over a guitar on “One For the Record Books”, the impeccable layering of the album’s production shines on “More Fun”, and “Do You Give Up Now” evolves from an echoing piano/beat combination into a carefully crafted set of sounds and effects. Album standout “Won’t F— Us Over” turns out to be the coolest sort-of cover of The National’s “Mr. November” as Annie Hart sings the chorus of that track while BBU raps new verses over a set of rhythms that you could have never imagined would fit with the aforementioned statement. It’s awesome.

The album takes The Hood Internet to the next level, and it proves they have the chops to work with more than just already beloved songs. It’s doubtful that the duo will ever stop mashing up, but it’s a damn good time watching them try something new.

Essential Tracks: “Won’t F— Us Over”, “One for the Record Books”

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