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Joseph Arthur buys back missing van

on September 07, 2012, 2:30pm

josepharthur vanfound Joseph Arthur buys back missing van

As the Daily News reports, singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has been reunited with his missing van. Arthur’s tale, the one forever immortalized in the ballad “Where Is My Van”, ended yesterday when the musician and his lawyer Ron Kuby paid $5,500 in “ransom money” to purchase the van back from Bronx resident Jose Lopez.

The van, which carried several vintage amplifiers and paintings Arthur had done on stage, was towed on July 26th after Arthur neglected to pay $360.10 in unpaid parking tickets. Lopez bought the van for $1,000 at an auction on August 23rd.

Kuby called the transaction a “shakedown,” adding, “[Lopez] had enough sense to make a forty-five hundred dollar profit. We recognize that the guy was entitled to make a few bucks, but this was sort of a hold up.”

Kuby himself ponied up $3,300 to pay Lopez, proving that not all attorneys are soulless, money-hungry demons. In order to pay him back, Arthur and several special guests are holding a fundraiser on October 21st at NYC’s City Winery.

Below, watch Arthur’s epic struggle documented in the music video “Where Is My Van”.

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