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Video: Kid Koala – “5 Bit Blues”

on September 24, 2012, 5:39pm

kidkoala 5bitvid main Video: Kid Koala   5 Bit Blues

Proving there’s more use to them then Xeroxing fannies, Canadian DJ Kid Koala enlists the power of a photocopier in the music video for “5 Bit Blues”. Koala and company pair the office prankster’s favorite tool with a FUJI instant camera to print out documents/Polaroid snapshots displaying various lyrics and musical parts (“rain” on a sheet of paper, a picture of a sampler, etc.) as they occur in the song. The end result is an interesting dissection of the interplay between the visual and the auditory. It’s also a far better use of printer ink than scans of anyone’s pasty white derrière, no matter the motive or how well it comes out. Watch the video below (via

Koala’s “blues turntable” record, 12 Bit Blues, is out now via Ninja Tune.

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