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Buy The Rolling Stones’ skis

on October 05, 2012, 11:00am

rollingstoneskis main 1024x1024 Buy The Rolling Stones skis

When The Rolling Stones formed 50 years ago, it made sense to schlep products like Swedish paper dolls because that’s what their fanbase could and would purchase. Nowadays, with their core demographic much older and in a higher tax bracket, the Stones have to go after more economically viable marketing options. Case in point, the Rolling Stone K2 Limited Edition Skis. Because, why roll like a stone when you can glide gently down a mountainside?!

Two of the band-inspired models (the Rolling Stones K2 SideShow and SideStash skis) are already for sale, with the final two (K2 Rolling Stones Recoil and 102) landing on shelves in late October and December, respectively. Each ski features graphics taken from the band’s iconic past (like the infamous Lips) along with references to their various live/tour posters. According to the manufacturer, the last two models feature technology “designed for all ability levels in any snow conditions and twin tech sidewall construction for increased durability,” which we’re almost certain is important when undertaking a controlled tumble down a snow-covered mound of jagged rocks.

To order your copy of any of the skis in time for a truly white Christmas, head here. Below, you can watch a trailer for the skis that’s oddly *not* accompanied by a Stones tune.

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