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Moogfest 2012: A Weekend Guide

on October 24, 2012, 10:06am
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moogfest1 Moogfest 2012: A Weekend Guide

Looking ahead, the weather for Moogfest 2012 seems much more forgiving than its 2011 edition. With temperatures expected to hover around 70° and rain a relative impossibility, even the skimpiest of Halloween ensembles will keep attendees protected as they wander through the festival’s six venues and countless area-wide attractions.

Unlike the majority of festivals that curate entertainment beginning around noon, AC Entertainment didn’t schedule a show until 7 p.m. for Moogfest 2012. This festival isn’t just a celebration of the legendary Bob Moog, and the many bands and genres that his technology helped develop, but is a two-day fete across the artistically-minded city.

Never been to the city, and just don’t know how to kill that much down time? Go to your local coffee shop and just ask around, because the “Land of the Sky” has become a magnet for creatives. Even easier, take a look at the following pages for the advice of some experts. Okay… maybe not experts, but a collective of individuals that have visited the city, conquered the festival, and generally fallen in love with Asheville’s eateries, dives, picturesque horizon, and the energy of its locals.

From the buzz of the alarm through last call, we have you covered. Please remember to bookmark and share, but take this simply as an introductory guide, as Asheville’s flair extends well beyond the beaten path.

-Derek Staples
Senior Staff Writer

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