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Rdio Playlist: Los Campesinos!

on October 09, 2012, 4:00pm

los campesinos Rdio Playlist: Los Campesinos!

In part 1 of our 3-part Rdio playlist series showcasing bands heading to Austin City Limits this weekend, Gareth from the Welsh hearts-out indie rockers Los Campesinos! drops off this set of tunes for us. The band will hit ACL this Friday at 12:30 p.m., and Gareth made us this — well, look: this playlist is full of beautiful bummer jams. But if you haven’t heard Pieter Nooten and Michael Brook’s “Searching”, you haven’t lived. EMA’s former band Gowns, Tim Hecker, and one of Xiu Xiu’s most slept on songs all make an appearance. Listen to “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die” in the Rdio playlist below, and be sure to subscribe to the playlist, as well.

Los Campesinos!

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
by Gareth of Los Campesinos!

Pieter Nooten and Michael Brook – “Searching”
Xiu Xiu – “Suah”
This Mortal Coil – “Kangaroo”
Kicks off with, to my mind, a track from one of the greatest 4AD records, and almost definitely the most overlooked. Next up a real hammer blow from Xiu Xiu, with Jamie Stewart at his most visceral and no need for shock value. Then what is certainly one of my top 5 ever songs, This Mortal Coil with their rendition of Big Star’s ‘Kangaroo’: “Oh I want you”, indeed.

Prefab Sprout – “Deisre As”
Perfume Genius – “Normal Song”
The Microphones – “Solar System
This trio offers false hope. Prefab Sprout who I somehow only discovered this year, and let me tell you it’s amazing to find a band with three decades worth of material for me to explore. They tell you about something pretty, and then my friend Mike of Perfume Genius tells us everything’s going to be okay. Then Big Phil Elverum’s refrain of “I know you’re out there”, but it’s not too convincing, coming as it does from a beginning of throat slitting static and him failing to find his way as every one of nature’s limbs contrive to slow him.

Picastro – “Hortur”
Gowns – “Cherrylee”
Next, two beautiful voices with terrible news. Two songs that evoke the sentiment of the lyrics perfectly in the mood of the music, without listening intently, but if you do listen in to what’s being said the devastation is ten-fold.

Tim Hecker – “Chimeras”
Credits roll.

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