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Rdio Playlist: Poliça

on October 12, 2012, 1:33am

polica Rdio Playlist: Poliça

In our final playlist showcasing some of our favorite bands heading down to Austin City Limits, we come to Poliça, the totally ripped trip-hop group with two drummers from Minneapolis. Along with Bon Iver and Marijuana Deathsquads, Poliça work with that electronica sound all coated with something rural only found in the Midwest, and you have to check their show out at ACL this Sunday at 3:15 p.m.

The playlist below features some songs that have been tumbling around the band’s collective heads, from Fleetwood Mac to The Fugees. Grab a listen below, and be sure you subscribe to the playlist on Rdio


Usher – “Climax”
This is one of our favorites lately. Such a great melody, and to hear a beat this sparse in a top-40 setting is pretty cool. Always been a fan of Diplo’s production, and it’s great to hear what he pulled out of Usher. We play this one real loud.

Santigold – “Disparate Youth”
We play this song over the PA as the first in our pre-set playlist every chance we get. Santigold is one of those artists who’s songwriting is super infectious, and having the routine of hearing this song immediately after the first band ends really gets us in the mood to play. Also, I think the short little breakdown after the last chorus is one of my favorite musical moments of the last year.

Brian Eno – “The Big Ship”
Brian Eno is a huge inspiration on our producer Ryan. He introduced us to this song a while back. It’s an incredibly smart song considering it came out almost 4 decades ago. We have this track timed out so it will play just before we take the stage at our shows. Sort of feels like your taking flight when you listen to it.

The Fugees – “The Sweetest Thing”
My most played cd in high school was the Love Jones soundtrack….also my favorite movie. This song was on there and it was the best love song I had ever heard and Lauryn Hill at her best. I heard this on the radio in DC on this tour and I freaked out cuz it had been too long…forgot about its greatness!

D’Angelo – “One Mo’gin”
This is another very influential song for me. I’d have to say Voodoo was a pretty ground breaking r&b record. Quite dark & moody compared to the other r&b records in its era, spiritually emotive and the sort of tunes that get under you in away that go deeper than “I just wanna f*ck you” or “you taste like peaches and cream”. I remembering listening to this for the first time and how it perfectly describes and old flame and the feelings that “fire” can bring upon a person.

Moonshake – “Two Trains”
Ben Ivascu picked this one because he thinks Poliça most reminds him of this song. It must be the energy it evokes, and its percussive nature. He’s not a very talkative fellow, so we’ll just have to assume that’s why he picked it.

Arial Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Baby”
This song was picked by Chris Bierden. We’ve been playing this one in the van a lot to calm us down. Arial Pink is a real forward thinking artist, even though his music harkens back to a different era. This song in particular brings us back to one of our favorite times in music, the 60’s/70’s soul era. He seems like a strange fellow to be the one hitting this genre on the head, but he sure did.

Wendy Rene – “After Laughter”
This jam is another one that Ryan introduced us to. Its one of those songs where he’ll crank it up super loud and head bang through the entire song even though it’s not at all a hard rocking tune. Wendy Rene belts the vocals out like nobody’s business.

Fleetwood Mac – “Gypsy”
We’ve been hearing this song every night on tour because our friends in Gardens & Villa play it in their set. Their version of it is outstanding, but the original must be heard by all. I’m sure they agree. We are all fans of Fleetwood Mac, especially Chris. Channy also has Gypsy tattooed on her arm. Seems like a fitting song for our band.

Sky Ferreira – “Everything Is Embarrassing”
This song is a nod to a lot of singers we can all name but damn it’s done well. The lyrics, the singing, her face, the beat are all sexier than anything I’ve heard/seen in a long time. Good marketing; I got hooked. Reminds me of “One Voice”, which is one of my top 5 girl bands of yester-years. I’ve been listening to this song on the road at least once a day.

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