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The Black Keys in 2013: Tour, new album, tour some more

on October 01, 2012, 5:58pm

black keys 2012 The Black Keys in 2013: Tour, new album, tour some more

It looks like The Black Keys’ 2013 will go a lot like The Black Keys’ 2012, 2011, and 2010. As drummer Patrick Carney recently revealed to KROQ, the band plans to release their third album in four years early next year, which they’ll support with tour dates in the spring and fall.

As Carney explained:

“We’re going to start making a new album in January and we’re going to tour a little more in the spring. Our plan is to have the new album done by the end of spring or earlier, then hopefully take a few months off to do normal things like go to bed early and wake up early, walk the dog, that kind of stuff. Then we’ll probably be back on the road starting next fall.”

Carney added that the band hopes to once again enlist the talents of Danger Mouse, though he’s busy producing Bono and friends.

“I talked to him [Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton] on the phone a couple weeks ago to see what his schedule is like,” Carney said. “If we ever work with a producer, it’s always going to be him. We’ve been working with him since 2007, since Attack & Release, and we’re all really good friends. But he’s also really busy, producing so many records lately, so hopefully he has time. He’s producing U2’s record – that takes priority over us! [Laughs.]”

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