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The Dismemberment Plan confirm work on new album

on October 04, 2012, 6:01pm

dismembermentplan heatherkaplan The Dismemberment Plan confirm work on new album

Photo by Heather Kaplan

In a week which has already seen The Replacements reunite and Godspeed You! Black Emperor release their first album in a decade, it’s only right that The Dismemberment Plan now have their own October surprise. Frontman Travis Morrison has confirmed on his Twitter account that the band is currently at work on a new album, their first since 2001’s Change.

According to one tweet, Morrison “just comped new Plan lyrics into one book,” which typically marks when the band’s “albums are 80% done or so.” Amongst jokes about possible album titles (“The Adventures of Bobby Beverage And Two Shoe Lou”) and influences (“BIG Jim Croce influence”), he also attempted to describe one track as sounding like “R2D2 doing ‘low rider’ at karaoke.”

For those lacking the proper imagination to piece that image together, don’t forget about time in August when the band debuted seven new songs. That might be a good place to start. Watch two select cuts from that set below.

“Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer”:

“To Be With the One You Love”:

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