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Video: Action Bronson – “The Symbol”

on October 22, 2012, 12:24pm

actionbronsonsymbol Video: Action Bronson   The Symbol

Forget the Steve McQueen’s and Dolemite’s of the world: Action Bronson is the new BBMFIC in the ’70s action movie homage that is his video for “The Symbol”.  Wearing a golden wig like a majestic lion and riding around in a sweet Caddy, Bronson dishes out his own brand of street justice, thrust kickin’ pimps and hoes, making some poor soul beer bong ammonia, breaking up card games with body splashes like Andre the Giant in a polyester suit, and inhaling cocaine like it was Pez. Unlike Shaft, we’re not even sure his woman understands him, but we can dig the track’s smokin’ guitar sample and Bronson’s stone cold groove either way. Peep it below.

“The Symbol” is the first track off Bronson’s joint mixtape with The Alchemist entitled Rare Chandeliers, due out later this month.

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